Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Questions

How much is delivery and what are our mininums?For California, our shipping costs plus packaging adds up to $20 and for outside of California shipping will be $30. This is a base rate cost for delivery of a single bottle but will not increase with increasing numbers ordered.

Inside of San Diego, dropoffs are free. Pickup of product is also free at our Mira Mesa kitchen and City Heights office.

What should be included in order notes?This is primarily for orders being delivered to San Diego. Please give us a preffered time, if any, and anything needed to deliver to your address (codes, directions, etc). You can also message us at if you forget to put anything in the order. 

How long will it take to get an order?Items should either be delivered (in the case of San Diego) or shipped out within a week of order. Please contact us if you prefer faster or different shipping options.

Do we offer wholesale prices or discounts on bulk item purchases?Yes! Any wholesale costumer should contact for a free sample and specific quotes. Any order past 12 bottles can benefit from this wholesale discount and can be about 40% off.

Beverage Questions

How do I drink ultrasonic brews?All drinks have a concentrate factor on the label. Our current protocol and batch of bottles have a 16x concentration. To make a single cup, add a single tablespoon to your cup and then fill with hot or cold water and any other additions. Adjust to taste. An 8oz bottle of our brews can expand out to a gallon total of brew.

If using hot water, you want it to be close to sippable ~160°F (71°C) and not boiling over before adding to the concentrate. Since we do not use heat to extract, we preserve the heat sensitive contents of our brew. High temperature, boiling water will significantly damage and alter the flavors in your beverage over time.

Our products generally have more undamaged, naturally fat and sugar from the brew than a typical extraction, so one should add a bit less of both creamer and sugar than usual.

How do I store ultrasonic products?All bottles are to be refrigerated while closed or opened. This will ensure you get the maximum flavor and longevity of the product to the dates listed on the bottle. It should last 9 months from when we produced the concnetrate. It should also preserve its flavor for at least 1 month after opening with only a slight change in flavor as the bottle re-oxygenates.

Is there any added sugar?No. Our coffees and teas contain no sugar and any drink that might in the future will be clearly labeled as such.

The one exception being our broths, which contain a typical, small amount of sugar.

Do you have organic options?Yes we do. All recipes using an organic ingredient will be labeled as such in their description. We strive to get the most inclusive ingredients whenever we can, including organics.

Ultrasonic Questions

Are there any health benefits to ultrasonics?Ultrasonic's raw yet still highly destructive extraction enables you to get more of whatever brew ingredients while preserving the extraction better than other methods. More extraction means more of whatever benefit you are looking at. 

In addition, the low acidity of the beverages aids in general gut health and comfort while drinking.

Finally, enhanced storage time means you will get a healthy-to-drink drink for longer.

What kind of ultrasonicator machine do you use?I use a ultrasonicator that is meant to be used in a molecular biology lab. It has food safe and cleanable parts in keeping with the needs of a sanitary lab environment, and a kitchen.

Other uses for this machine include purifying proteins, cleaning of machine parts, and sanitizing dentistry tools equipment.

Other Questions

Where do I get my ingredients from?I try the best to source from San Diego. For most coffees and teas, this means that I purchase from a whole saler in San Diego. Please see individual shop items for sourcing information.

Why did this company start? How did you get the idea to do this?For Mark Wallen's reasoning for starting the company, please visit