Do I still drink cold or hot brews? (Mark W)

Sure I do.

I really like the acidity of cold brews with a bit of heavy cream. I am sadly held back by how much my stomach likes it though, so I can only get through a cup of so at a time. Hot brews are rarer for me but I still don’t from time to time. The hot brew of a breakfast place has me back by habituation occasionally and a really nicely brewed cup, to avoid bitterness, occasionally is amazing. Despite all of that, my own brews are the majority of my intake.

I don’t imagine ultrasonics as something to replace either cold or hot brew method. In a hypothetical cafe Id see it as another option. It tastes different, which is why I offer free samples so generously. Most people find this as a good tasting option but I understand if it won’t please everyone.

Some people like the bitterness, I see it too.

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