Drink & Shop FAQ

What should I include in my order notes? How will I get my product?

Please note when would be good for us to drop-off or any tricks to dropping off at the given location. Just given an address, we will do our best to provide notice of planned delivery times and when we have successfully dropped off the product. You can also pickup at any farmers markets I am at in my events page.

When will I get my product?

We should be able to deliver within 1-3 days of order submission. Our markets are generally done during weekdays in the afternoon, which might delay delivery. There is also a chance of outdated inventory on website as it takes at least 1 hour for square to update from markets.

How do I drink my product?

All drinks, unless otherwise noted, are made at an 8x concentration. Another way of saying this is a 1:7 ratio or 1 part (ounce) of concentrate to 7 parts (ounce) of hot or cold water. This is the lowest concentration that makes a palatable beverage. If a stronger flavor or caffeine content is desired, a dilution of 1:3 should be the target instead. The flavor will change in large ways as you dilute so be sure to try a couple if you are going for strength, as the most concentrated flavors might not be the best.

If using hot water, ideally you want it to be close to sippable ~160°F (71°C) and not boiling before adding to the concentrate. Since we do not use heat to extract, we preserve heat sensitive contents of our brew. High temperature, boiling water will significantly damage and alter the flavors in your beverage.

Our products generally have more undamaged, naturally from the brew fat and sugar than a typical extraction, so one should add less of both creamer and sugar than usual.

How do I store my product?

All bottles will be delivered chilled. They should be fine for a short duration at the delivery address but it is recommended to store them in the refrigerator soon afterwards. This will ensure you get the maximum flavor and longevity of the product to the dates listed on the bottle. It should last at least 4 months from the manufacture date. It should also preserve its flavor for about 1 month when opened in the fridge.

What accounts for the differences in prices?

The price differences are mostly due to the difference in ingredient input cost. For example, my current tea sources are generally more expensive than my coffee inputs. In addition, any bottle that requires specialized ingredients, like spirit wood barrel chips, will have an elevated price. Some products might also be discounted due to being near their expiry or recipes that have further optimization work to be done.

How do we come to our prices?

We try not to increase prices simply due to the novel nature of our extraction process. Some guidelines we use are trying to keep all our prices below our roughly at 3x our material inputs. Keeping it near this level helps us cover overhead (kitchen rent, insurance, fees, etc) and staffing while ensuring costumers more closely pay the actual value of the product. Contact us for a more in depth explanation of our costs.

Our products generally range from 90 cents to $1.25 per cup when diluted to the recommended amount. This is quite competitive both with other coffee concentrates, cafes, and even some in-home produced brews.

We have a two drink minimum within San Diego to be able to recoup cost of gas and car wear and tear. There are also some markets with high fees that might require me to bump all prices to reflect the cost of doing business there.

Where do I get my coffee and tea from?

Since I started selling to the public every coffee or tea wholesalers I have worked with have been of phenomenal quality & value. I try to source entirely in San Diego. With exceptions, as an example, for my tea or coffee wholesalers having to originally buy their stuff from outside the country. This process, with all the positives it may have, will not make bad quality coffee very good. Please see individual shop items for sourcing information.

Do we offer wholesale prices or discounts on bulk item purchases?

Yes! Any wholesale costumer should definitely contact us at mark@oddfareaffairs.com for a free sample. After that we can offer large (generally ~>40% or more) discounts on orders of 12 bottles or more. For continuing costumers, any change of a recipe usually comes with a free sample to ensure good quality control. We can also offer discounts for returned used bottles and for when you want to provide us with the ingredients for brewing.